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In addition to traditional braces and aligners, there are also hidden lingual braces. Hidden Lingual braces are orthodontic appliances that are behind the teeth. This allows patients to benefit from the effectiveness of braces without having to worry about aesthetic concerns and reduce the compliance “wear” factor of aligners. Just like with normal braces, a patient will need to regularly visit Dr. Yelizar throughout the treatment process for short progress checks. Hidden braces from our Queens, NY orthodontist are the most sought orthodontic appliance.

Types of Hidden Braces

Learn more about hidden braces options that would best fit you or your child’s lifestyle.

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Brava by Brius Technologies

Brava by Brius Technologies are a unique type of orthodontic treatment that is revolutionizing the way people think about straightening their teeth. These specialized "lingual" braces are completely concealed behind the teeth and use Independent Mover technology to make sure treatment is as efficient as possible. Read on below to learn more about how this remarkable innovation may be able to benefit you.

What Is Brava Hidden Treatment by Brius Technologies?

Like other types of "lingual" braces, Brava sits behind the teeth. The braces are completely invisible to everyone else. A thin wire runs along the gums below the teeth, and tiny metal arms extend from it that place pressure individually on each tooth. Brava by Brius moves the teeth independently and simultaneously. This programmed, independent movement helps dramatically shorten treatment time. And, because there are no wires connecting the teeth, patients are able to brush and floss like normal. There is no better orthodontic appliance that can move teeth as predictably and efficiently as Brava by Brius.

What Are the Benefits of Brava Hidden Treatment by Brius Technologies?

Treatment that would take up to 2 years with regular braces may be completed in as little as 1 year with Brava by Brius offered in Queens. And, because Brava uses Independent Mover technology, there are no wires connecting the teeth to interfere with your normal oral hygiene routine.

What about adjustments? You can say goodbye to painful wire or aligner changes. That’s because, with Brava, there is a short acclimation period followed by nearly painless treatment.

Plus, Brava is ideal for image-conscious individuals because the braces are totally invisible to onlookers.

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Faster Treatment

A perfect smile in half the time with fewer trips to the orthodontic office.

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Simplified Oral Health

Without any wires connecting the teeth, Brava makes flossing and brushing simple.

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No Adjustments

Say goodbye to painful wire or aligner changes; with Brava, treatment is nearly painless

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Truly Invisible

No one will know you are in treatment

Who Is a Candidate for Brava by Brius Technologies?

Brava hidden treatment may be right for you if:

  • You are image-conscious. Traditional braces and even clear aligners can be quite noticeable at times. Brava hidden braces are different due to their unique construction and "lingual" placement. Plus, they allow patients to avoid the development of white spots that are so common with traditional braces.
  • You have mild to severe dental misalignment. This treatment is suitable for even complex orthodontic problems. Of course, Dr. Yelizar will need to take a look at your teeth before confirming whether Brava is suitable for you.
  • You want easy oral hygiene. Busy teens can especially benefit from not having to make major adjustments to their brushing and flossing routine.
  • You want fast treatment. Cases that take years with other forms of orthodontic treatment may take only months with Brava by Brius Technologies.

Studies show that nearly 80% of moms prefer Brava by Brius for their teens, making it a truly premier hidden orthodontic treatment.

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"All my friends wearing clear aligners are bummed they didn't know about this".

-Elizabeth S.

What Is the Average Treatment Time with Brava?

As mentioned above, the average treatment time with Brava is usually much shorter than what patients experience with alternative teeth-straightening methods. Most patients see initial results within three weeks, and the majority of cases can be completed in less than a year. Generally speaking, Brava by Brius braces tend to be 50 – 70% faster than traditional braces.

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