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Your First Visit

After you’ve checked in and have been called back to your treatment area, we will perform a thorough oral examination of your mouth and produce images of your teeth that we can use to plan your treatment later. We’ll also go over your medical and dental history, and we’ll ask questions about the goals you have for your treatment. Then we’ll go over the different treatment options available for the specific changes that you want, and we’ll work with you to figure out what the best decision for your smile is.

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Our Simpliguarantee

Let’s face it, our daily lives are very hectic. There will be times where you will forget to wear your retainers which will cause your teeth to shift. Our SimpliGuarantee Program will allow you to come back and receive re-treatment at a fraction of the cost of the original treatment.

Life with Braces

Patients will need to make a few minor adjustments to their day-to-day routine after receiving braces to ensure their treatment stays on track. The most important involve brushing and flossing after every meal and snack (because the brackets can trap food against the teeth) and avoiding certain foods. Particularly sticky, hard, and chewy items can become stuck in braces or potentially break them. Chewing gum is a notorious offender, and patients should also be careful when eating popcorn because unpopped kernels can easily dislodge a bracket!

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