Our Orthodontic Team – Queens, NY

Our Team


Orthodontic team member Karen

Karen has her Bachelor’s in Science (Health Promotion Management) from York College and is also a certified nurse assistant and phlebotomy technician. She goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service to our patients while also performing a variety of important administrative and clerical tasks each day. When she isn’t busy at the orthodontic office, her favorite hobbies include swimming, riding her bike, doing crafts, and (of course) spending quality time with her family.


Orthodontic team member Jessica

Jessica's favorite part of this job by far is seeing how much a patient's confidence level rises when they come into the orthodontic office! She is currently attending university at Queens College and spends her day off working with a speech therapist, helping children with special needs and disabilities. She also enjoys painting and spending quality time with her nieces and nephew, as well as her adorable Yorkie named Cezar. 


Orthodontic team member Maira

Maira is always proud to help Dr. Yelizar create beautiful smiles that boost a patient’s confidence and self-esteem! She studied at Queens College and has her Bachelor’s in Psychology. Outside of working hours, you can typically find her hanging out with her crazy, loving family (especially her Golden Retriever Max, the craziest one of all), baking, or playing volleyball.


Orthodontic team member Emily

Emily loves seeing how our patients transform after their orthodontic treatment. Their self-confidence just soars! She studied at Long Island University and is HIPPA certified. Her family originally hails from Paraguay, and they have helped her become a very humble, warm-hearted person who loves caring for others. In her free time away from work, she enjoys reading, going to the gym, and doing her nails. She also speaks three languages! 


Orthodontic team member Michael

Michael volunteered for over a year, observing and learning orthodontics from Dr. Yelizar. He is currently a part time sterilization and lab apprentice. Michael enjoys spending time with staff and patients, while gaining lots of valuable experience that will prepare him for his future career in the dental world. Outside of the orthodontic office, he's very passionate about fitness, especially weightlifting and bodybuilding. In his eyes, pushing yourself physically reveals what you are made of mentally, and it helps build confidence too!

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