Covering Up: Addressing a Gummy Smile with Orthodontics

July 12, 2023

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A gummy smile, technically called “excessive gingival display,” occurs when too much gum tissue shows around the teeth. An orthodontic examination may reveal that a gummy smile is the result of a bad bite and therefore correctable with orthodontics.  Some people with this condition might be interested in reducing their smile’s gum exposure for purely cosmetic reasons. Read on to learn how braces can address a gummy smile.

What is a Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile happens when a smile reveals more gum tissue than is considered normal, which in this case typically means showing more than two millimeters above or below the teeth. Barring inflammation of the gums, a gummy smile is not usually a sign of any negative health conditions. It is not uncommon in the population and is more likely to occur in women.

The point where gum appearance becomes excessive is determined completely by the person in question. Some people might be so self-conscious about it that it gets in the way of self-image or socialization. For these individuals, some method of corrective action may be appropriate. Orthodontics is one such method.

Addressing Gummy Smile Through Orthodontics

Orthodontics can address a gummy smile by putting the teeth in better alignment and leaving the gums appearing flatter and less prominent. Braces work by gradually moving teeth into a less crowded, more aligned, healthier position. In this process, a system of wires is cemented to the teeth and made to slowly push or pull them as needed. This can take months or years to complete, but the result is a beautiful smile.

Invisalign is a removable and virtually invisible alternative to braces. The patient wears a series of transparent aligners to slowly shift the teeth into better alignment. It can serve to address a gummy smile as well as braces while doing the job in less time.

If you’re feeling a little self-conscious about your smile, there are reliable ways to correct the issue. The best way to determine the optimal course of action in addressing a gummy smile is by scheduling a consultation with your orthodontist.

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