5 Factors that Can Influence the Cost of Orthodontic Treatment

December 7, 2023

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“How much do braces cost?” That might seem like a straightforward question with a straightforward answer, but that is not always the case. In fact, you probably will not know how much your orthodontic treatment will cost until you attend a consultation with your care orthodontist. That is because several factors can have a bearing on the price of your care, including the following:

The Type of Treatment

In the past, metal braces were the go-to option for straightening teeth. Today, though, most patients are candidates for more than one type of orthodontic treatment. Metal braces are still a good choice, but clear aligners, hidden (lingual) braces, and more are also available. Often, metal braces are the lowest-priced option, but more discreet forms of treatment are still affordable for most people.

The Complexity of Your Case

Some patients have relatively minor dental misalignment. In just 6 months to a year, they may be able to complete their treatment. Other individuals, though, have severe misalignment or other complicating factors that can cause their treatment to stretch out over the course of a few years. They may also need special accessories to make their treatment a success. Logically, complex cases incur higher fees than simpler ones.

Insurance and Financing Options

Every orthodontic practice has its own financial policies, so be sure to ask about your payment options. For example, you might be able to use your dental insurance to reduce your out-of-pocket cost for braces. Be sure to verify that your orthodontist accepts your policy and can help you navigate the claims process.

Also, you might qualify for financing. Some financing options come with little to no interest, while others have more fees and fine print attached to them. Be sure to analyze the fine print of any financing deal that is offered.

Additionally, keep in mind that some practices offer a discount to patients who pay for the entirety of their treatment upfront instead of paying over time.

Your Compliance with Treatment

You should do your best to comply with treatment instructions provided by your orthodontic team. If you repeatedly miss appointments, do not care for your oral hygiene, or make other mistakes, you might accidentally end up increasing the total cost of your care.

Where You Go for Treatment

You might come across deals for “bargain” braces, but it is important to be cautious. Be sure to investigate the credentials of any practice you are thinking about visiting. Getting treatment from someone who is not qualified to handle your case might end up costing you more in the long run.

Meet the Practice

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