Everything You Should Know About Hidden Braces

July 12, 2022

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woman smiling while wearing hidden braces

Many people are hesitant to pursue orthodontic treatment because they don’t want to wear noticeable metal wires and brackets. Well, there’s now a solution that’ll allow you to get the straight smile you’ve always wanted without affecting your appearance – hidden braces! Not only are they effective, but they’re completely concealed behind the teeth. Read on to learn more about this modern innovation and how it can benefit you.

What Are Hidden Braces?

Hidden braces, like Brava, have the same components as traditional metal braces. The only difference is they’re fixed to the back on the tongue (lingual) side of the teeth. A thin wire runs along the gums, and tiny metal arms extend from it that place pressure individually on each tooth. Because of their placement, they’re virtually invisible!

Brava by Brius is a program that moves the teeth independently and simultaneously. It’s designed to dramatically shorten your treatment time, giving you results in just months. This modern technology can move teeth predictably and efficiently, ensuring you achieve your desired look.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Hidden Braces?

Not everyone’s a good candidate for hidden braces. However, you may want to consider if:

  • You’re image conscious. Since hidden braces like Brava are placed behind teeth, you don’t have to worry about anyone noticing them in professional or social settings. Plus, they’ll help you avoid the development of white spots that are incredibly common with conventional braces.
  • You have mild to severe misalignment. Even patients with complex orthodontic problems can benefit from hidden braces! Your orthodontist will create a custom treatment plan to address your specific needs.
  • You want easier oral hygiene. Because there are no wires connecting the teeth, patients can brush and floss like they normally would.
  • You want a faster treatment. Thanks to Brava by Brius, cases that take years with traditional orthodontic treatment may only require months with hidden braces.

Benefits of Hidden Braces

By choosing to straighten your teeth with Brava by Brius, you can expect to enjoy several incredible benefits, such as:

  • Faster treatment time and fewer trips to the orthodontic office
  • Easier maintenance and better oral health
  • No painful adjustments or aligner changes
  • Truly invisible treatment

Ready to get the straight smile you’ve always dreamed of? Ask your dentist about Brava by Brius. With their help, you’ll have your desired results in no time!

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