Goodbye, Braces! Here’s What to Expect During Your Removal Process

December 9, 2022

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a girl showing her braces that were removed

You have been on a journey to straighter teeth for quite a while. But the end of the road has come for your braces. Once the wires and brackets are finally removed, you can’t wait to see your long-awaited new smile! While the excitement is bubbling, you aren’t too sure of what the braces removal process will be like. Read on to learn more from your orthodontist in Queens about what to expect during and after the procedure.

The Removal of Your Braces

Even though your braces have been strongly adhered to your teeth for a significant amount of time, you may be surprised to learn that removing them is a quick and easy process. Your orthodontist will ensure your complete comfortability before using a special tool designed to swiftly remove your braces. By located the weak spots, the handy instrument is able to gently pop the brackets right off!

While you may feel mild pressure during the removal of your braces, it will pass before you know it. After the braces and wires have been completely removed, your orthodontist will buff your teeth to clear away any leftover adhesive. The whole process normally only take about an hour and your pearly whites will feel like they have never even worn braces before!

After-Removal Examination

Once your braces are off, your orthodontist will want to make some final assessments. First, they will want to polish your teeth, so they look and feel as natural as possible. It will also be important to give your mouth a thorough examination for any potential issues. After taking final records of the completion of the procedure, they’ll take photos and x-rays.

You may feel your gums are initially sensitive or swollen after being free from the brackets and wires. This is common since your mouth is now having to adjust to not having orthodontics in it anymore. The best thing you can do is to brush the soft tissues of your mouth gently for a few days to reduce inflammation.

The Final Step of Your Orthodontic Treatment

Your new smile journey isn’t completely over after the above-mentioned steps.  The final step in the process is being fitted for a retainer and wearing it for the recommended time. This part of the process is essential to keeping your teeth in their desired position. Initially, your orthodontist may have you wear your retainer all the time. But eventually, you will most likely only wear it 3-5 nights per week.

Getting your braces removed is not only exciting, but it is an extremely easy and simple procedure. With a little care and maintenance afterwards, your aligned smile will look its best for many years!

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