4 First Date Tips for People with Braces

February 7, 2023

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When it goes to putting yourself out there in the hopes of meeting your future partner, it can be a bit intimidating. Meeting new people and trying to make a good first impression can feel like a lot of pressure. Fortunately, a nice smile can help. That’s why those with crooked teeth should consider braces. This classic orthodontic treatment can give you a more uniform grin, therefore improving your odds in the dating world. But, dating with braces can look a little different than without them. Continue reading to learn four tips for dating when you have braces.

Tip #1: Clean Your Smile Beforehand

The last thing you want when dating with braces is for your beam to have food stuck in it. For this reason, be sure to clean your teeth before your date. This will ensure that you don’t have any of the salad you had for lunch stuck between your pearly whites. It will also allow you to freshen up your breath beforehand in case you get to end the date with a smooch.

Tip #2: Pick a Braces-Friendly Date

For all the benefits that come with wearing braces, one of the downsides is the diet. There are a variety of foods that should be avoided since they can damage your brackets or wires, such as hard breads and popcorn. Generally, it’s best to go for restaurants that have soft, healthy foods. You can also consider grabbing a coffee, smoothie, or a tasty dessert.

Tip #3: Excuse Yourself as Needed

After each meal, you will need to clean your teeth. This is because food easily gets stuck in the wires. Brushing and flossing after meals will also get rid of plaque that’s built up throughout the day, therefore lessening your risk of tooth decay, which can interrupt your orthodontic treatment.

Tip #4: Smile Often!

When you first start to wear braces, you may find yourself feeling a bit insecure. Having something new as part of your smile can make you feel self-conscious about how it looks. Fortunately, braces are designed to improve the look of your beam. So, smile often! Your date is sure to love your beautiful beam and feel more comfortable and at ease knowing that you’re having as good of a time as they are.

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