4 Reasons You Should Have an Overbite Corrected

April 21, 2023

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Illustration of what an overbite looks like

Having an overbite means that your upper teeth come down a little too far in front of your lower teeth. On the surface, this might seem like it’s mainly a cosmetic issue, and you may even think that you can ignore it. However, the consequences of an overbite can be much more serious than you might think. Here are 4 reasons why you should have this orthodontic issue corrected as quickly as you can.

1. An Overbite Makes It Harder to Chew Your Food

Did you know that the digestion process begins as soon as you put food in your mouth? Chewing makes it easier to swallow and ensures that food is small enough for the stomach to handle easily. When you have an overbite, chewing becomes more difficult, and this could potentially lead to issues such as indigestion. Correcting your overbite can improve your ability to chew properly, which is ultimately beneficial for your overall health.

2. An Overbite Can Interfere with Speech

Your tongue moves against the back of your teeth in order to make certain sounds while you’re talking. But if your teeth aren’t in their proper positions, it could affect the way you pronounce certain words. It’s not unusual for people with overbites to develop lisps and other speech impediments. In many cases, treating your overbite can help you improve your speech.

3. An Overbite Can Make Brushing More Difficult

In some cases, your overbite might affect your ability to brush properly. If you aren’t able to clean your teeth thoroughly, you could be more likely to develop cavities and gum disease; these types of oral health issues can grow more severe if they’re left untreated. For the sake of your oral hygiene as well as your oral health, it is best to have an overbite treated as soon as you can.

4. An Overbite Can Wear Down Your Teeth Faster

When your teeth aren’t properly aligned, they may rub against each other in ways that weren’t intended. This can be very hard on your enamel, causing it to erode at a faster rate than normal. Worn-down enamel can leave you with teeth that are more sensitive than normal, and they can increase your risk for cavities. Correcting an overbite quickly could be the key to stopping accelerated enamel erosion before it leads to lasting harm.

Don’t wait any longer than necessary to deal with an overbite. Get in touch with an orthodontist today to see what kinds of treatments they might recommend to correct the positions of your teeth so that they line up the way they should.

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