Why Angel Aligners Might Be the Best Clear Aligner System

August 5, 2023

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Clear orthodontic aligners have been widely available for a few decades now — their popularity and practicality are indisputable! More brands than ever are offering them. Of course, it is great to have options. But how can you decide which clear aligner system is right for you? In this blog post, we explain some of the advantages of Angel Aligners. They offer some features that you simply cannot find elsewhere!

The angelButton

During clear aligner treatment, orthodontists sometimes have to attach small buttons to the aligners in order to support the use of elastics (small rubber bands). The attachment process can take quite a bit of time, meaning that patients have to commit themselves to longer appointments.

The angelButton is a small attachment that is built into the aligner itself. It can therefore cut back on clinic time. It also delivers a high level of structural integrity.

Advanced iOrtho Software

The Angel Aligner system is integrated with iOrtho, an advanced cloud-based software that allows your orthodontist to plan and review your case with ease. It can play a role in streamlining your treatment and ensuring that you get to enjoy your desired results.

Advanced Materials

Some types of clear aligners are made out of basic plastic materials. They work fine, but they are a far cry from excellent. Angel Aligners are made out of a soft multi-layer polymer that is designed to resist tearing and staining. It looks great on the teeth and, most importantly, moves the teeth with efficiency and precision.

You might even be a candidate for the Angel Aligner Pro system, which uses aligners made out of slightly different materials in order to make the teeth move as quickly as possible.

Backed by Research and Expertise

The Angel Aligner system is fairly new, but it is backed by more than two decades of extensive research. Plus, the technicians who support Angel Aligner orthodontists have vast knowledge of case design and what it takes to correct even complex cases of bite misalignment. In other words, you won’t just have your local orthodontic team backing you up — the Angel Align company itself is deeply committed to the success of each patient’s case.

The Price Is Competitive

When you consider all of the advantages offered by Angel Aligner, you might expect it to come with a high price tag. In truth, though, its cost is similar to that of other premium aligner systems. It is a great monetary value!

Angel Aligner is an outstanding name in the clear aligner market. It might be perfect for you!

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